CT Project, UCSF Medical Center

    San Francisco

    The Design
    Partnership, LLP
    UCSF Medical Center

    “Highly Recommended. In my experience, these two firms [TCB Builders and The Design Partnership] have an approach that I believe clients will find very rare and refreshing these days. As an example, even before a formal agreement was defined, multiple site visits were made to complete programming and planning for the CT project. Everyone involved in the project was very accommodating and friendly throughout the entire process. Not only is this team extremely knowledgeable about both the architectural and contractual aspects of the business, they have a great natural sense for what the client is looking to do, with the ability to easily find alternatives that make the most sense for the value of the project. TCB / Design Partnership is punctual, professional, and a pleasure to work with throughout. Even after completion, the project team is always available for questions and helps the client or end users work to resolutions, whatever the issue might be. I would strongly recommend this design-build team to any potential client looking for architectural design or construction services.”

    —Michael Toftely, UCSF Medical Center Office of Design and Construction


    • One of the first OSHPD design-build radiology projects completed by UCSF
    • Coordinated entire design process
    • Installed electrical connections and lead-shielding component
    • Replaced radiology equipment