How We Work

“Our commitment to quality is paramount in all of our projects.”

—John Barnes, TCB Builders


At TCB Builders, we know our general contracting and construction management projects will be successful because of our emphasis on pre-construction. From the start, we work closely with our clients to ascertain the scope of their projects (scheduling, complexity, unique hurdles), and we offer design-build, feasibility studies, constructability and site selection reviews, and many other flexible services to best meet their needs.

Before any groundbreaking or demolition, we consult with clients on issues that can impact the success of a construction project. For example, we strongly encourage our tenant clients to have an experienced contractor like TCB review their landlord work letters to look for items such as substantial completion tie-in to rent commencement and TI allowance dollars. We insist upon thoughtful preparation and planning, including coming to agreement on the right pricing.

Big or small, every project is run with the same level of management and oversight, we follow the same proven and efficient procedures. Clear communications is a hallmark of TCB Builders’ job performance. We provide our superintendents with iPhones for FTP access to project files on all large projects from the job site. (If you have RFI, ASI, or Addendum, they can be readily printed and built on site.)

We are meticulous. We create detailed schedules to include all critical path participants, and we work closely with our team and all subcontractors to ensure the safety and security of everyone on site.

As a family-owned business, we believe the best way to provide our customers with excellent service is to first employ the best people. Our highly skilled and dedicated employees have been with the company for an average of 14 years. TCB Builders has mastered the art of teamwork, and we collaborate efficiently and fluidly with qualified subcontractors as well as with owner-sourced vendors who may/may not have a stake in overall completion of the project.

TCB Builders is qualified as a Local Business Enterprise (LBE) and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in San Francisco. We value our place in the community and we have worked hard to establish our reputation as a conscientious general contractor and construction management company. From the day we opened our doors in 1980, we have navigated the building and health departments, developed solid working relationships, and established our credibility with key personnel and local inspectors. We know this facilitates our processes and we believe it is one more way we add value to our customers’ experience and ultimate satisfaction with our services.

If your project demands efficiency and attention to detail, if you value skilled and experienced management and craftsmanship, contact TCB Builders today for a quote. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


  • Tenant Interiors
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Building Renovations
  • Commercial Projects
  • Cell Sites
  • Data Centers
  • Lobby Renovations
  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Seismic Upgrades
  • Service Work
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility Contracts
  • ADA Compliance



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  • Lump Sum
  • Best Value
  • Not-to-Exceed
  • Design-Build
  • GMP
  • Cost plus/GMP
  • Cost plus fee